Rev. Philip Frohne — September 1879 - August 1899

Rev. Frohne was born in Germany in 1839, and his father died when Rev. Frohne was 7 years old. His mother re-married Louis Luetkemeier. Frohne was confirmed at Bethel by Rev. Settlemeier in 1854. He received his religious education at the Evangelical German School at Marthaville, Missouri, and then served 13 years in Wisconsin.

For 20 years he was the shepherd of the Bethel Congregation, his “home” church. His was a common sense and loving leadership. During his tenure, the Sunday School was reorganized, the Frauenverein (Ladies Aid) grew in numbers, a church choir was organized, a pipe organ was installed in the church, and church attendance increased. He persuaded some of the families to Americanize’ their names. He freely visited the parishioners’ homes, exhibiting a boundless amount of love for his fellow men. While at Bethel his family grew to eight children. In 1899 we went to Owensboro, Kentucky, where he passed away at the age of 89.