Rev. Paul Lammers — January 1952 - August 1960

Rev. Lammers accepted Bethel's call in January 1952. Born in 1908 in Colorado, he spent his formulative years on a farm in Ohio. He attended Heidelberg College and continued his education at Mission House Seminary in Wisconsin and at Central Seminary in Ohio. He was ordained in 1934.

At the time when a large percentage of Bethel's congregation was still involved in agriculture, Rev. Lammers with his background in farming was the logical choice for Bethel's pulpit. He was involved in State Council of Churches, Heifer project, CROP and the goat shipment to Ghana, West Africa. He was a compassionate and down-to-earth man. While at Bethel he took great pride in his garden and raised sheep dogs to tend to the flock of sheep he kept.

The post-war baby boom was reflected in the increase in Sunday School and summer Bible School attendances, a challenge that Rev. Lammers met with assurance. Two of his daughters were confirmed at Bethel during his years of service. Thanksgiving services were combined with other churches in the community. In 1957, the pastor's salary was raised to $4500.

Rev. Lammers resigned in 1960 to accept a call to a larger rural parish in Spencer County, Indiana.